UsefulFood 1.4.4

The new version of UsefulFood features some minor hotfixes and support for mc 1.6.2 using forge

Download it here


Added: Support for MrCrayFish Oven (i think its kinda OP atm, but i guess he will change it eventually)
Added: Support for languages, check in zip\assets\usefulfood\lang, if you want official support for your language, just pm me your .lang file

Fixed: Chocolate Biscuits now requires 2 biscuits and hot chocolate bottle
Fixed: Nerfed Oreo A LOT from 19 to 9
Fixed: Hungrz item now drains food points when held instead of emptying it by right-click

Cooked Squid Tentacle > Calamari
Tea > Lily Tea

2013-07-19 06:10:00 (Modified 2013-07-19 06:10:49)
Forge Minecraft UsefulFood

UsefulFood 1.4.3

The new version of UsefulFood features a ton of new items and some important hotfixes

Download it here


Added: Cereal
Added: Chocolate Cereal
Added: Apple & Melon Jelly
Added: French Fries
Added: Pancake Dough
Added: Apple & Melon Jam
Added: Pancakes for all the jam's, sugar, caramel and chocolate.
Added: Donut & Oreo
Added: Toasts (All the jam's, Sugar, Caramel and Chocolate)

Changed: Vanilla Ice Cream now needs Milk Bottle
Changed: Fish n' Chips now uses French Fries instead of Baked Potato
Changed: All Ice Creams now cures poison
Changed: Cheese reduced hungerpoints by 1

Removed: Dungeon loot, this feature never seems to iron out, i could extend the loot tables but that allow for way too much loot if having a ton of other mods and causes issues with that..

2013-06-19 22:00:00 (Modified 2013-07-02 16:48:16)
Forge Minecraft UsefulFood